Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peace officers were out running

When I arrived at the parking lot for the Jordan River Parkway, the lot was full of cars. This was strange, because there are usually only a few cars there.

Soon after I started my run, I began passing a lot of runners who were finishing their run. They all wore T-shirts and shorts, and the T-shirts were all the same. I figured they were either a team or a fitness class. Then I noticed the runners at the rear of the group were older and slower, so I knew they weren't on a team. I asked one of the runners as I passed him what group they were with, and he yelled, "the college, Post Academy." I had never heard of Post Academy, so I googled it when I got home and found out it is the training academy for Peace (police) Officers.

Last week just as I was ready to drive away from the parking lot, a bunch of cars came in that were filled with men and a few women who were wearing what looked like soccer uniforms -- blue shorts, white T-shirts, and blue number-bibs (with white numbers) over the shirts. I didn't ask them what group they were with, but they weren't dressed like runners even though they came to run. I thought to myself, "I hope they make it, because it is awfully hot to be wearing those number-bibs."

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