July 10, 2007

Ran a hot 5 miles

I ran 5 miles on the Jordan River Parkway again, and it was hot! The temperature was 93 (F) when I left home and 96 when I returned. I was late getting out (about noon), but I felt pretty good. I let my body set its own pace, and it set paces from about 11:30 to 12:20. My perceived effort was about the same as yesterday, and I enjoyed the run. I was surprised that I didn't suffer, emotionally or physically, from the heat. I think I may be acclimating to the higher temperatures.

Instead of talking walking breaks every half-mile, I took them every quarter mile, and drank my customary swallow of Gatoraid and swallow of water at each break. All together, I drank about 35 ounces of liquid.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading my blog. Would you like to exchange links? Syl

Allen said...

Hi Syl,

Currently, I'm not linking to other blogs -- there are just too many good ones out there, and I would want to link to all of them or none of them.