Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Too hot to run, so I came home

I messed up my schedule this morning and didn't get out until 11 am. By that time, it was hot. I didn't have a lot of energy, so I cut my run short and was glad to have gotten in 3 miles. When I got home, the shade temperature was 86, so it was about the same temperature as yesterday. But, it felt hotter. Just goes to show that my body wasn't in great condition today. At that time of day, there is very little shade along the Parkway path, and I got the full brunt of the direct sun.

I made no attempt to run faster. My pace on the way out was around 12:15-12:30. That was with a 5-7 mph headwind. On the way back, my pace was 11:30-12:00. I felt better on the way back, because I was warmed up (not warmed up as in hot from the sun but warmed up as in past the initial sluggishness of running).

My wakeup HR was 52, a little higher than it has been.

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