Saturday, July 14, 2007

Two "improvements" from wearing neutral shoes

I've explained in previous posts that I wore motion-control shoes for 20 years when I should have been wearing neutral shoes. I'm a supinator, and neutral shoes are recommended for supination. I now have 155 miles on my first pair of Carumba by Loco Running. The shoes have been working fine. In fact, I've noticed two improvements over my motion-control shoes.
  1. Last fall I began noticing a "weakness" in my left foot. There was no pain, just a feeling that my foot couldn't support my weight. The feeling only came after 8 or 9 miles, and, in the beginning, it didn't last long. However, as the winter and spring progressed, the feeling came more often and lasted longer. During the past 155 miles, I haven't had that feeling, and I've done several 10-mile runs.

  2. The second improvement is more complicated. Let me explain. In my home we have a custom of not wearing shoes in the house, and for years I've gone around the house bare footed. About five years ago, I was walking in my bedroom in the dark, and I stubbed my toe. I was walking fast, and I really jammed my toe. About a month later, I did the same thing to the same toe. I may have broken the toe, or something, because ever since that time I've had a numbness in that toe. I haven't worried about the injury, because the numbness hasn't increased and hasn't seemed to handicap my walking and running.

    When walking, I didn't have pain with the numbness. But, when I ran I did have a small pain in the toe; after a mile or so of running, the pain went away. I still have the numbness, but since changing to the Carumba shoes, I don't feel the pain. I don't know if this lack of pain is due to my changing from motion-control to neutral shoes, or if it is due to a slight difference in the width of the two shoes. The Carumba shoes are more comfortable and seem to be slightly wider.

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