Saturday, August 11, 2007

A great run to end my rest week

Boy, did I have a great run today! I had to hold myself back, and even then I ran faster than I have all week. After my half-mile warm up, I ran between 10 and 10:30 minutes/mile going out. Coming back I was between 9:55 and 10:15 minutes/mile, and I went even faster during the last half mile, a 9:48 pace. I didn't force any speed and just let my body set its pace. My wakeup HR was 51. I was late getting out, and it was 92 (F) when I left home.


  1. The Recovery Week will pay you back in great dividends for the following weeks! Your body has recovered well and is ready to GO!!

  2. We all need that recovery, but especially so at my age.

    Bruce, you're the reason I started taking rest weeks. Galloway recommends them, as do other world-class runners, but I never formed the habit. As I read your blog and saw how consistent you were in taking them, I decided now is the time.

    I wasn't sure how much of a rest to give my body, so I just guessed at a 20% decrease in distance. That decrease is the mainstay in my rest weeks; I'm letting my body set the pace, so my pace may or may not decrease during the rest weeks. But, I won't force speed during the rest weeks.

    So, thanks Bruce!