Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am significantly faster than a year ago

One year ago, I was a week away from my three-week taper before the Great Salt Lake Half-Marathon. My fastest training run at that time was at a 11:34 pace for 13 miles. Now, a 11:34 pace is a slow, restful pace, and my "high energy" pace for 10 miles is 10:00 minutes. I said 10 miles not 13 miles, because I've reduced my distance since the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon in April so I could focus on getting a faster LSD pace.

If I can cut another minute 30 seconds from my pace by this time next year, I'll be ready to break 2 hours in a half-marathon and hopefully be down in the mid to high 20s (minutes) for a 5K.

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