Thursday, August 2, 2007

My first racing flats

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you'll know that I run in LOCO shoes from LOCO has a "Club LOCO" that gives discounts to club members. Anyone can become a club member via email. Each month Club LOCO members receive a discount off of LOCO shoes, and they usually get a free item with the shoes, such as a poly T-shirt, a singlet, stockings, or a cap. This month they gave a free pair of Bandito racing shoes. So, I ordered an extra pair of Carumba shoes (24% discount) and got my Bandito shoes.

I tried the Bandito shoes this morning and ran half a mile with no problems. I want to try them out at distances at least up to 5K, because racing shoes have less cushioning than training shoes (that's why they are called flats), and I want to be sure my feet handle the shoes fine. LOCO claims that the Bandito has more cushioning than most flats, and they felt fine for for the short half-mile run. The Bandito weighs 8.5 oz compared to 9.9 oz for my Carumba.

Later: I've been reading about racing flats and have learned that they may only affect my pace by 10-15 seconds. The web sites I visited emphasized that flats have a greater risk of injury than trainers due to less cushioning. The sites also emphasized that unless one is running 7-minute miles or faster, the benefits of flats don't compensate for the risks of using them. So, I think I'll put the flats away and save them for the time when I'm running 7-minute miles :)

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