Saturday, September 29, 2007

A great 5-miler in a cold, windy rain

A storm front came in last night, and it has lasted throughout the day today. When I left for my 5-mile run, it was raining, and the wind was gusting up to 10 mph. The rain lasted through out the morning and most of the afternoon, turning to snow mixed with rain in the afternoon. The temperature was 42 (F) when I left and 38 when I returned. I only saw two other runners and three walkers with two dogs on the Parkway. I enjoyed the run. I was cold for the first half mile, and then I felt fine. My wakeup HR was 53 this morning.

I need to spray my nylon wind breaker with Silicone to make it water resistant again. The jacket kept the wind out fine, but the rain went right through, and I was soaked when I got back to my car. I was glad I was wearing a poly T-shirt instead of a cotton one.

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