Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tempo run yesterday?

I've been thinking about my run yesterday, and I think it was likely a tempo run. I normally take two steps per breath, two steps in and two steps out. Yesterday, during my 2nd and 3rd laps, I was taking one step per breath for almost the whole mile. I have a very large chest, and I assume that means I have a large lung-capacity. My 40-year-old son and I were comparing our chests one day, and mine is twice as thick as his. My normal running cadence is about 180, but my cadence during the run, hence the number of breaths per minute, was probably close to 190. I was taking deep breaths, and I used lots of oxygen.

I've been hoping that the adrenaline factor of the race plus a 25 degree (F) lower temperature during the race would let me run close to a 9 minute pace during the 5K race in two weeks. However, based on yesterdays results, those factors may just help me continue a 9:30 pace for the full 3.1 miles instead of for 1 mile. We'll see.

Too bad I didn't have my heart rate monitor on yesterday. It would be interesting to see how high my heart rate went. Maybe I need to trade my Garmin 101 for a 301 :)

Well, back to bed. I woke up from my sleep thinking about this...


  1. I seem to do fine with wearing my Polar Heart Rate Monitor on my left wrist and the Garmin 201 on my right wrist. Although the stats on the pricer 301 would be fun, fascinating and maybe even helpful!

  2. By having one on each arm, it keeps your body weight balanced. I have a Polar HR monitor. Maybe I'll wear it with the Garmin for my 5K to see how high my HR goes. I'll use the Garmin to monitor my pace during the race.

  3. Yup, my body is more balanced with the Garmin on one arm and the Polar HRM on my other arm...without that balance I might end up running in circles!