Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My tentative training strategy for my next half-marathon

I've been thinking about my training between now and April 19, 2008. For the past six months, I've been focusing on increasing the speed of my LSD and recovery runs. I think I've been successful, because I've decreased my pace 1 1/2 minutes for my LSD runs and 1 minute for my recovery runs. However, I've intentionally let slip my ability to run 13 miles.

My immediate goal is to get my longer runs up to 10 miles and 13 miles, respectively, by the end of the year. Then I will have three more months to let my body get adjusted to those longer distances while I do some hills and speed workouts.

Last year I ran LSD until January, and then I ran fartleks for three weeks, hills for three weeks, and intervals for three weeks. This year I want to do it a little bit differently. Between now and the end of the year, as I increase my distance, I want to run Galloway's Cadence Drills 3 or 4 times once a week. Cadence Drills are a low-level form of interval training that don't put much stress on ones body, and I think I can mix them in with my longer runs without hindering my ability to increase my distance. Then, from January to the end of March, I want to do LSD twice a month, fartleks once a month and hills once a month. I think this will be a better balance for my body, rather than the way I did it last year. We'll see. I had problems last spring doing intervals at the local high school, because I went too fast for my condition. I may go to the high school once in March and do intervals, but I don't think I'll focus on them like I did last spring.

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