Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did a slow and tired 5 miles

I ran 5 miles on the Jordan River Parkway, but I had a low energy level and ran a slow 13 minute pace. My wakeup HR was 49 this morning, and that is good since it's been in the mid 50s for the past month.

My right leg is still sore when I bend it, but it is significantly improved. I can bend it more than I could when I was first injured; I just can't bend it as much as I normally can. I feel fine standing, walking, and running. I just feel pain when I kneel or sit in a chair, especially a low chair.

I ran in late afternoon as the sun was going down. The shade temperature was 34 (F) when I left and 33 (F) when I returned. As I drove home, the sun was just dipping behind the Oquirrh mountains.

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