Saturday, November 24, 2007

Extended my long run to 7 miles

I just finished my weekly long run, doing 7 miles at a slow, restful pace on the Jordan River Parkway. It had been dark for over an hour when I left home. The temperature when I left was 31 (F) and was 23 (F) when I returned home. There was only a slight wind, and the night air was crisp, cool, and a delight. Because of a full moon and light from nearby buildings, I had no problem seeing the path. I knew there were no pot holes in that part of the path, and I was able to run in the darkness and enjoy it.

A half-mile segment of the run went via a detour though a residential street, and I enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights on some of the houses. Prior to that residential street, I went up the big hill that I've spoken of many times in this blog, and I made it up without stopping. At the bottom of the hill there is an American flag flying from a pole in front of a house. The pole and flag were lit by two spotlights, and it was a beautiful sight on a cold night.

I felt fine at my 3.5 mile turn-around point, and I was tempted to make the run 8 miles, but I resisted and headed back. After I had gone 5 miles, I started to feel a bit tired, and by 6 miles I was definitely tired. I took extra walking breaks during the last mile, and I was glad I had kept the run to 7 miles :) It was a good run considering the only food I had had during the 12 hours since I got up was a banana. Some of my grandkids were visiting for the weekend, and I was busy during the day and didn't think about eating.


  1. Sounds like a glorious run, Allen. The kind that keeps you coming back for more.

  2. It was a glorious run, Angie! Much like the 10K you just finished with a new PR. The kind of memory that stays with you for a long time, and, as you said, keeps you coming back for more.