Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fluffy snow on ice is a recipe for running with a ... thud!

I left about 10 am for my run on the Jordan River Parkway, hoping to go 6 miles. There was about an inch of snow on the bround, and I thought, "No problem. I've run in deeper snow than that." I started my run, being careful to land in mid-sole rather than on my heels. I had gone about 1/8 mile when ... thud, I was on my back in great pain. I lay on the ground for a few minutes to let the pain subside, and then I rolled onto my hands and knees and crawled a few feet to a wooden fence that lined the path (you can see the fence in the pictures of the path that is in the left side bar). I used the fence post as a support and pulled myself to my feet. I stood there for about a minute and then hobbled to my car and drove home.

I feel ok, just a small amount of pain, while standing or walking, or sitting on the edge of a chair or bed such that my center of gravity is over my hips. But, if I lean back in the chair or lie down on the bed, my back hurts more and is sensitive to jarring of my back, such as via a burp or a hiccup or a gasp for air.

While I was lying on the ground, I examined the path and discovered the asphalt was covered with ice and an inch of light, fluffy snow. I should have thought of the ice, because the snow didn't come until this morning after I was up, and the temperature last night was in the mid 20s (F) and we were having snow flurries when I went to bed. But, I didn't think about the path being icy, and I was caught by surprise when my feet went out from under me.

I wasn't paralyzed from my moving around, so my back isn't broken. My wife has been rubbing my back with an Arnica gel, and I felt no pain from the pressure of her fingers. So, I think I just have a big bruise on my back muscles. If the pain doesn't subside within the next couple of days, I'll go to the ER at the hospital and have them check for bone fractures. Needless to say, I won't be running for a few days or longer.

I'm glad the accident occurred soon after I started my run. It could have happened when I was 3 miles from my car. In that case I would have called my wife on my cell and had her come and get me.

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