Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey, I've graduated up to two miles

I ran for two miles on the Jordan River Parkway. My tailbone is still sore but not as much as it was on Wednesday, and I ran faster than I did on Wednesday. The Parkway path was dry, and I easily navigated round the few patches of ice that were on the path.

The temperature when I left was 21 (F), and there were 3-7 mph wind gusts (head wind on the way out). The wind chill during the higher gusts was about 12 (F). The sky was overcast (we're expecting snow flurries tonight), and I enjoyed being outside for half an hour. I enjoyed it, but it was cold. I wore my usual three layers but realized that I needed a fourth layer since I was running slower than normal. The good news is that on the way back the gusts died down, and I was comfortable during that phase of the run.

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