Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A slow 1-mile jog

I ran, actually a slow jog, for a mile today on the Jordan River Parkway. My pace was slower than my fast walk, and I probably looked like an old man shuffling down the path with very small steps :) This was my first run since I slipped on the ice. My back feels fine, but my tailbone is pretty sore when I run due to the impact of running on my body. When I walk I have just a very mile soreness in the tailbone.

The temperature during my jog was about 32-33 (F), and the sky was sunny with nice clouds. The high temperature today was about 36 (F). We're supposed to have some snow flurries tomorrow evening.


  1. Good news today! My tail-bone isn't very sore this morning. Today is a rest day, and that will give my body another day for healing.

  2. The good news continues. My tail-bone is still tender but not as sore as yesterday. I'm anxious to see how my running goes tomorrow.