Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A great 5-mile run

I had planned to just do a one-hour run, but I could tell I felt stronger and was running faster than I did on Monday, so I went the same distance as Monday to provide a comparison between the two days. I didn't have my GPS with me, so I used my stop-watch to measure my time going out and back. I ran 15-minute miles on the way back, compared to 18-20 minute miles on the way back on Monday. I didn't get a good measurement of my time on the way out, because my watch stopped during the run, but it felt like I was running faster than I ran on the way back.

I'm not particularly interested in going fast right now, but I'm using my speed improvements from run to run as a gage of my recovery. On both Monday's run and today's run, I felt no pain in my right leg/knee or in my back or in my tailbone. However, my ability to do situps has been reduced due to the sore tail bone, but I was able to do more situps today, and with more movement of my body on each situp. I also noticed during my run today that my legs didn't feel sluggish like they did on Monday.

The shade temperature when I started the run was 30 (F) and was 27 (F) when I returned. The streets were clear but the sidewalks had packed snow/ice, so I ran in the street. The street I was on has shoulders about 8 feet wide, and it was pretty safe running in the street.


  1. Allen, great blog! I am a new, re-entering runner at age 52. Keep it going!


  2. Hi Phil, thanks for stopping by! We'll both keep it going.