Monday, January 28, 2008

I beat the snow with my 3-mile run

Because my wife and I would be leaving to take our grandson, Erik, to the hospital to see his new sister, I was out early for my run. I had planned to go 5 miles, but because I was running against a 10-20 mph headwind, I could feel the strain in my right knee, and I reduced the run to 3 miles. My knee felt fine on the way back with the wind being a tailwind. We left for the hospital about an hour after I got home, and we had to drive in a terrific snow storm. The storm didn't last long, and we ended up with about 3 inches of snow. The temperature was 36 (F) during my run, but during the snow storm, the temperature was 30 (F). It was a nice run. My nylon windbreaker did its job!

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