Thursday, January 24, 2008

I saw a different bird, a blue heron, I think

I saw a bird that I haven't seen before in this part of the Jordan River Parkway (further south in Riverton there is a bird refuge next to the river that has a variety of birds). The bird was large and has a wing-span, I would guess, about 3-4 feet. The bird has long legs, a long neck, and a small head. The bird was a light gray in color. On the head, there was a white stripe going down the middle of the head and another white stripe going down the neck. On each side of the head going through the eyes and to the back of the head were black stripes. There was a white stripe in the lower part of the neck. The wings had black and white strips mixed in with the gray color. The bird was on the bank and flew to the river and stood in the water and looked at me.

I think it was a blue heron. Here are some pictures from Google of a blue heron.

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