Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One of my ice cleats came off during my run

I was expecting a lot of ice on the path, because the temperature was in the teens last night and was still below 32 (F) when I began my run. Also, we had a bit of snow during the night. I thus put on my ice cleats. However, by the time I began my run, the snow had been plowed from the path by the city folks, and patches of snow that had been left were melting due to the warm asphalt. I quickly realized I didn't need the cleats, because the path was mostly clear of snow and ice, although it had a lot of water on it from melting snow. There were some patches of ice, and I left the cleats on. However, during the last quarter mile, I took the cleats off and navigated around the few icy spots.

Just before I reached my 2.5 mile turn-around, I discovered one of my ice cleats had come off. I back tracked and found it about 100 yards away. I had put that cleat on without taking my shoe off, and I didn't get it pulled enough over the sole of the shoe. The cleats have a rubber "web" that fits over the toe, heel, and soles of the shoe. The other cleat didn't come off, because I had put that one on after I took my shoe off, and I had it pulled over the sole far enough that it stayed on. Lesson learned to take shoes off to put on the cleats.


  1. Im an big runner myself. Im not sure what type of ice cleats you use but I am a huge fan of Spiky Ice Cleats. I think they are the best quality out there and beleive me I have tried them all! I think the website is

    Keep truckin!

  2. Thanks, Josh, for the link! The cleats I've been using are similar to the Spiky but not as durable and certainly not as stretchy (thus, they come off in snow). I'll try the Spiky next winter. Thanks again!