Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not a great run but made 10 miles

I ran 10 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. It was a slow 10 miles, slower than my other runs this week. The temperature was in the mid 40s (F), but an 8-10 mph wind probably put the wind chill down in the high 30s. I did have my nylon wind breaker, but I also had shorts and a thin T-shirt. I should have worn long pants and a heaver T-shirt :(

I didn't have a lot of energy during the run. I ate an eGel at the half-way point, and I drank a lot of water during the run. After eating the gel, I felt stronger for a few minutes, but then I got tired and my pace slowed down to 15-16 minutes (going out, my pace was in the 14 minutes). This whole week has been one of low body energy. After I recovered from the flu, I should have taken a week or two to slowly work back into my distance. Instead, I jumped right in and increased my weekly mileage to two miles more than it was before I got the flu. I knew that I was taking a risk that my body might not be ready for that much stress, but I felt fine after the first week. This week, however, has shown that my body wasn't ready. So, next week will be a recovery week. Maybe a week of no running. Maybe a week of reduced running.


  1. Not a bad run considering you didn't wear warm enough clothing and you're still recovering from the flu. I doubt this run hurt you and you still gained benefits of improving your endurance and stamina, although you didn't feel strong during the run. I would not avoid running next week, but cut-back on your mileage, maybe add some long walks as well.

  2. Thanks for the injury site - I am a SLC runner with shin splints. Not happy about some time off and really how I got them. Yrs of running and no big change in training but now pain. Thanks for the stretches.

  3. Hi Bruce, My reason for thinking I may not run this week is that my body energy has been low ever since I recovered from the flu. However, I am thinking of doing three 5-milers this week, giving me 15 miles compared to 24 miles last week.

    Jody, Nice to hear from another SLC runner. I am sorry to hear about your shin splints. Do you run heavy/light and follow the 10% rule? I hope the stretches help.