Friday, March 21, 2008

The river wash-out in Riverton

Last spring I reported that the Jordan River had washed out a section of the Parkway trail in Riverton City, and that Riverton had put in a temporary bypass around the damage. Today, my run was finally long enough that I reached the damaged area and was able to see the improvements made by the city. The damaged area has been repaired, and rocks have been placed along the edge of the river to reduce the erosion. Several truck loads of wood chips have been placed along the bank of the river and will, I assume, be spread to cover the bank.

The temporary path has been graded and covered with road-base, and I assume it will be paved and made the permanent path. Also, Riverton City has put in two playgrounds (including tables) -- one on each side of the bridge that crosses the river next to the large pavilion that has been next to the river for more years than I've been running on the Parkway.

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