Thursday, March 13, 2008

An update on my flu

I read, a few days ago, that flu is contagious from 1 day before symptoms appear to 5 days after symptoms have appeared. My experience mirrored those numbers. Tuesday was my "day before", and Sunday was my 5th day after symptoms appeared

I came down with symptoms (very tired during my short run) on Wednesday of last week. On Thursday I developed a frequent cough that brought up phlegm, and I developed a 3-degree temperature. During the 5 days, I had the 3-degree temperature increase for one day and 2 degrees for several days. By the time Sunday arrived, I was feeling better but still had a temperature increase of 1 degree and still lacked energy. On Tuesday of this week, my temperature was finally back to normal, and I had a pretty good energy level. I felt fine yesterday and spent some time outside doing a minor repair on my house. I still, though, have a slight, infrequent cough

I'm not running until Monday, because I'm giving my right leg extra rest. The leg has never completely healed from its injury last November, and I decided to give it an extra week of rest.

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