Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on my right leg

It's been 18 days since I decided to take a break from running to give my right leg extra help in recovering from an injury that occurred last November. My leg is feeling pretty good. It isn't completely healed yet, but it has improved during the 18 days.

Two of the conditions that I monitor to gage how well my leg is recovering are if I can kneel without pain and if I can stretch my quads by grasping my right ankle and pulling my leg up next to my buttock. When the accident occurred, I couldn't do either one, and during the almost 5 months since the accident, I've progressed so I can now kneel, and I can pull my leg closer to my buttock. I can't pull my leg quite as far as I can with the other leg, but it is getting better. During past weeks, I've had to grasp my pant leg or my stocking to pull my leg, but this morning I actually grasped my leg and pulled it. A few weeks ago when I was running three 5-mile runs each week I reached the point where I could kneel without pain. Then I started to increase my distance, and I started to feel pain when I knelt. So, my 18 days without running has helped me recover from the effects of increasing my distance.

On Saturday afternoon my wife and I went to a home-repair show and spent about two hours viewing the exhibits. By the end of the tour, my right leg was starting to be sore, and I was hobbling around the house and at church yesterday (Sunday). The leg feels much better today. Two hours of walking at the show had about the same effect on my leg as two hours of running.

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