Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4 miles, one step to eternity and beyond

When I left for my run this morning, it was drizzling rain, and the temperature was in the mid 40s (F). Quite a change from yesterday's 93. I wore two layers, my summer T-shirt and my nylon wind breaker, and I felt fine during the run. By the time I reached the turn-around, the rain had stopped. It was a nice run. I didn't have quite the energy-level that I had on Monday, but I felt pretty good. My pace for the last half mile was 12:36. I think I've mentioned before that I try to maintain the same pace during the half-mile that I was doing for the rest of the run, so my measured pace will be representative of the whole run.


  1. I admire you for your commitment to running. I am only in my twenties and I have a hard time getting up to run! Even on beautiful day. All of the best. I love your posts.

  2. Hi Madison, thanks for the nice compliment. I have a hard time getting out, too, because I get busy with something and have a hard time stopping that to go running.

    I was 38 when I started running, and I've been blessed to run for the pure enjoyment of it. I'm finding that as I get older, I enjoy it more.