Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finished the week with a third 2.5 mile run

Whew, summer is coming. During my run, the shade temperature was in the low 80s(F), and I would guess that the temperature in the direct sun was over 100. Most of my run was in the direct sun. The only shade I encountered was a small bit at my turn-around and complete shade for about 100 feet in the tunnel under 106th South. Running at 12:30 pm didn't help either. Monday is supposed to be 15 degrees hotter, and I'd better go out in the early morning. I'll take water too. Even though the run is short, with high temperatures I'll need extra water. My run this week was about half an hour, but next week I'll be out close to an hour, and I'll definitely need to drink water during my run.

I mowed my lawn last evening so I wouldn't have to do it today after my run. I will be spraying dandelions, though, and fertilizing the lawn. I'll be doing more walking than I did yesterday while mowing the lawn.

My leg felt fine during the run and still feels fine. Still a bit tight around the knee but no pain or soreness. I'm hoping to do 4 miles per run next week. I plan on leveling off my distance at 4 miles for the next month so I can focus on getting my speed up. I measured the last half-mile in my run today at a pace of 12:44. Slower than on Wednesday of this week, but not bad considering the heat. I measured my cadence during the run, and it was 172. My normal cadence is 180-185, but 172 is good for the heat. One of the reasons I don't listen to music while I run is that I don't have any music with a cadence as fast as my running cadence. Even a fast Sousa march is down in the 140s. Normal military marching is 120. I was thinking while out running today, that it would be nice to have a MP3 player that would let me change the playback speed. By ignoring samples in the digital data, the player could play the music at a faster cadence without raising the pitch.


  1. Allen I LOVE your blog music. I'm keeping it open on my desktop while I work, it's just lovely!

    Regarding music at 180bpm. Do you have an ipod? I'm using a free podcast from itunes by podrunner, called v tach, and it is music at 180bpm. Not much lyrics, but it has the beat and the music grows on you.

    If you don't have an ipod, I think you can subscribe to the free podcast at this link

    It is only 180bpm, but it has really helped me, since you and Bruce brought the 180bpm cadence to my attention.

    Glad your running is coming along:)


  2. Music at 180, hmmm... I'll check it out. I do have an iPod. Thanks, Joanne, for the tip. Glad you're enjoying the music.

  3. I'm a movieholic and your song "Philadelphia 6-5000," brings back memories of the classic "Glenn Miller Story" where the title of the song is a phone number.

    It's getting hot in Vegas too, Sunday will reach 103 degrees, if I run early enough I should be able to run in the mid 80's...not much longer before I'm forced on the treadmill.

    I still don't listen to music when I run on the roads, but once I'm on the dreadmill it'll be a MUST to have music! Don't own any fancy I-Pods nor MP3 players, just my old trusty six year old Sony CD player...wasn't long ago when all my music was on cassette tapes, but quite awhile since I played "vinyl!"

  4. Ahh, yes, that was a great movie, as are all of Jimmy Stewart's movies!

    During WWII, Glen Miller did radio broadcasts from the Yale campus. As part of the 50th anniversary of D-Day, the Yale band went to Normandy beach, wore pseudo-military uniforms, and played a memorial concert to all the men and women who served in that war. My youngest daughter played the French horn in the Yale band and was there for that concert. She and a guy in the band jitter-bugged on the beach to Glen Miller music played by the Yale band.