Monday, June 9, 2008

Did some cadence drills

During my four-mile run, I did three cadence drills (one out and two back). The good news is that I did two counts more than I was doing a year ago. This shows that my body is getting stronger, even though it's taking a long time to do it.

When I came down the "home" stretch, I saw a bunch of police recruits from the police academy. The were getting ready to do a 1.5 mile qualification test. I waited until the first guy finished (9+ minutes). He was fast, but he was tired at the end and was gasping for breath. I asked their coach what happens if a person doesn't qualify in the run. He said the person doesn't graduate from the academy. Then he added that the recruits have a lot of opportunities to qualify.


  1. Anonymous7/24/2008

    "A lot" leaves a lot of room. In Ohio you get 2 attempts, then you have to go through the entire academy again and pay for the entire academy again.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about the Ohio academy. The man I spoke with used the phrase "a lot", and I don't know exactly what he meant.