Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Four more miles

I ran the four miles again, but I didn't have a lot of energy, and I didn't do any speed work. I did measure my pace during the last half-mile, and it was 12:08. I enjoyed the run.

I decided during my Monday run to start running tangents during my training run so I'll be doing it by habit and won't forget to do it during a race. Race courses are measured that way to insure that the specified distance is the shortest way one can run the course. I ran tangents on Monday and again today. I think in a few more runs, I'll have a habit of doing tangents.


  1. I did somewhat improved my tangent today, I went around the water cooler from the left that put me two feet closer to getting on the treadmill!

    You're getting stronger, keep up the great work!!!

  2. Bruce, I'm still laughing about your tangent!

    My Saturday run is my decision maker about running the 5K on the next Saturday. If I can do the last half-mile at a pace close to 9:30, I'll go for the race and hope & pray that I can sustain that pace for the full distance. Last week my pace was 10 + a little. If I don't do well on Saturday, I'll pass this race and aim for the 5K in September that I ran last year for my current PR.

  3. I am IMPRESSED with you!!!!
    I am 49 and can't do 12 yet. My mom is 78 and plays tennis 3 times per week. She is NOT a geezer and neither are you!

  4. Hi Ellen,

    I read about a guy who is 95 and runs full marathons. He is my new ideal :) Progress in running is just a matter of consistency and slow progress. By next April, when you visit Arizona, you'll be up to 5 miles, and 2 miles will be your rest runs!