Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today is decision day about the 5K on June 21

I've decided not to run the race on June 21. I'm not ready to race it, and if I ran it I would have to do it as a training run. It's not worth the time or the $15 to do it as a training run. I ran 4 miles today and felt about the same as I did on Wednesday. In order to break 30 minutes, I'd have to average about 9:45 minutes per mile, and I can't sustain that pace for 3.1 miles. Another factor in my decision is my right knee. I'm feeling some soreness in that leg, and that indicates my speed work during the past three weeks hasn't been good for my leg.

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  1. A smart decision not to race when you're not 100% ready...they'll be other races.