Monday, July 14, 2008

A 5-mile rest run

I'm currently running three times per week, and my goals for my runs are

Monday - 5 mile rest run
Wednesday - 10 mile medium run
Saturday - 13-15 mile long run

I've reached my goal for my Monday run, and I ran a 5-mile rest run this morning at a comfortable pace. I was out about two hours earlier than I've been getting out, and the temperature was significantly cooler and nicer for running. The temp was in the mid 60s (F) when I left, but it was in the mid to high 70s when I finished. I drank 16 oz of water. There were quite a few people on the Parkway enjoying the morning. My wakeup heart rate was 53.


  1. For those longer runs you may wish to even start earlier as to avoid those temps in the 70's. I envy your current weather!!

  2. Start earlier... Yeah, of course! I'll start at midnight and have plenty of time :)

    If I could be finished by 7:30 am, I wouldn't have any problems with the heat. Well, almost no problems. Some of our nights have had a minimum temp in the 70s (F).

  3. Those midnight runs could be lots of fun!! :) We haven't seen 70's in Vegas since spring!

  4. In the summer of 1955, I worked at the north rim of Grand Canyon. In addition to many shorter hikes in the canyon, I did one rim-to-rim hike (26 miles). We left the north rim at 12:30 AM so we would be down to Phantom Ranch for breakfast.

  5. Man, I wish my weather was as cool as yours!!

  6. Hi Sherri,

    One nice thing about living in a desert is that there is usually a 30 degree (F) difference between daytime and nighttime temps. Those who can run early in the morning or late at night miss the heat.

    Since you were here last winter for skiing, I thought I'd mention that the ski resorts were open for skiing until the end of June. In fact, my wife and I took her 91 year old mother to Snowbird and on the tram to Hidden Mountain (11,000 feet elevation) on July 4, and there were still a few skiers and snowboarders on the slopes.