Monday, July 21, 2008

A great 5-mile rest run

My nose quit running yesterday morning, and I felt pretty good all day Sunday. This morning I had a great 5-miler. I felt energetic and enjoyed myself. We had rain last night, and the sky still was cloudy during my run, resulting in a temperature in the mid 60s (F). I ran at a pace of 11:50 the half-mile that I use to time myself. That pace was typical of my whole run.

I'm glad I took a rest day on Saturday. Today was payoff-day for that extra rest. If I had run on Saturday I wouldn't have done well, would have done a lot of walking, and would have put more stress on my body. Because of the extra rest, my body felt great and performed well today, taking only a few short walking breaks. Because of the lower temperature, I carried no water and did ok from that viewpoint.


  1. Sounds like great weather for a run! good job.

  2. It was nice weather as far as temperature was concerned. However, the humidity was high and it felt muggy. The relative humidity got up to 40% which is very high for a desert area. That is funny, because when I lived in Massachusetts, we thought 40% relative humidity was great!