Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's too hot for running, but I went anyway

I was late getting out (left about 11 am) and the shade temperature was about 85 (F). I forgot to check the temp when I returned, but it would have been in the mid 90s because the expected high today is 100.

I ran the 5 miles again on the Jordan River Parkway. I was surprised that there were several cyclists, skaters, walkers, and runners on the path. I thought that sane people would be hiding from the heat. Maybe the cyclists and other persons I saw this morning are as insane as I am :) I took 32 oz of water and used 24 oz of it. That was about the right amount of water for a day like today. I had about 4 oz left in one bottle when I finished, and I drank that while I was walking back and forth in the tunnel under 100th South to cool off. I like that tunnel because it gives a lot of shade for my cool-down and stretches at the end of my run. I didn't break any speed records today, just plodded along and took frequent walking breaks and drinks of water. My purpose today was to continue getting used to my increase in distance with no concern for how fast or slow I ran.

I checked my running cadence during the run, and it was 180. That is good because it means that even with the heat, I had quick leg movement; I just took smaller steps.

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