Saturday, September 27, 2008

Status report on construction of the Jordan River Parkway north from 100th South

The roadbase has been laid, leveled, and compacted up to the fence at 0.37 miles. The roadbase has been laid for a few hundred feet past the fence, but it hasn't been leveled or compacted. The dirt has been removed for the path up to another fence and beyond it (I couldn't see very far past that second fence) but no roadbase has been laid in that part. I saw horses in the section past the second fence, and I'm guessing that fence might be the boundry between South Jordan City and West Jordan City. I did see some red flags west of the dirt path, implying somebody will put a fence there to keep the horses off the Parkway. Based on how much progress was made last week, it will take them another week to get the roadbase laid, leveled, and compacted up to the second fence.

I saw a lot of bicycle tracks in the dirt path, indicating people are starting to use the new segment of the Parkway even though it isn't paved yet. In fact, as I was jogging on the new segment back to 100th South, two people going north on bikes passed me.

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