Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Added a half-mile to my mid-week run to give 7 miles

I ran 7 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. I ran in the late afternoon, and it was a nice day for running. The temperature when I left home was 62 (F), and I was comfortable in my one-layer of a T-shirt and shorts. The sun was close to setting when I drove home, but it was still above the horizon and was shining in my eyes and making it hard to see while I drove. I enjoyed the run but was getting tired during the last mile. I didn't have much to eat during the day and was probably running out of energy. I had a boiled egg and two peaches for breakfast, a few pieces of candy at my mother-ion-law's house, and another boiled egg just before I left home about 3 pm for the run. Not much fuel for a day's activity and a 7-mile run....

It is close to 1.43 miles round-trip on the new northward path, and I'm enjoying running that and then finishing my run going south like I've been doing for three years.

My wakeup heart rate this morning was 53, but I didn't feel as energetic as I did on Monday. Probably a side-effect of only 5 hours of sleep Sunday night and insufficient food today. I had good sleep on Monday and Tuesday nights, but the effect of insufficient sleep usually hits me a couple of days later. If I get good sleep during the next three nights I should be fine on Saturday for my next run.

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