Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh Oh, that guy looks dangerous

My wife doesn't like me to run after dark, because she is worried that I might be attacked or something. The Jordan River Parkway is isolated, and there are lots of trees and bushes that border the path. I keep telling her that it is safe there, but tonight I began to wonder about that.

I had finished my run and was stretching in the tunnel under 9800/10000 South. I saw a car pull up, and a big guy dressed in a black robe with a white sash around his waist got out and began looking for something by a picnic table. I thought to myself, "I hope he isn't looking for a victim for a human sacrifice." Then a girl got out who was dressed in a long white robe and looked like a Greek goddess. I got really worried when the guy and girl got back in their car and drove over by me. I thought, "Oh Oh." The car stopped, and the guy said, "Have you seen any clues? We're on a scavenger hunt." With relief I said, "I'm just a runner and have been running south of here." He said, "OK" and went back to the picnic tables and looked some more. Just as I was walking to my car, another car filled with Greek gods and goddesses or whatever drove up, and the people got out and began looking. So, as I keep telling my wife, it is a safe place to run after dark. Right.

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