Saturday, November 15, 2008

The end of another good running week

I ended my run with another 7.5 mile run along the Parkway. I was out earlier today, and the shade temperature when I left home was 40 (F); it was 45 when I returned. My wakeup heart this morning was 52, not quite as low as last week but still pretty good. I was a little more tired during this run and didn't go quite as fast as I did on Thursday and on last Saturday. All of my walking breaks were at 1-mile markers, except the first walking break which was at the end of an out-back on the new trail (1.5 miles).

This was my second week of running 7.5 miles, and if I feel good next week, I'll do 8 miles for my mid-week and week-end runs. My rest run is always 5 miles.

There were a lot of walkers, bikers, and runners on the Parkway this morning. Also, I saw quite a few police officers from the Academy. Normally when I see them, they are doing 1.5 mile qualification runs, but this morning they were just doing a training run.


  1. I love your entries. Good stuff! I'll stay tuned.

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