Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Park Ranger Questioned Me

While I was stretching at the end of my run, a park Ranger drove up and stopped not too far from me. I assumed he was going to question me about being in the park after dark, but he didn't. He had seen a stray dog and was trying to find out who owned it. The dog had come over by me, and the Ranger asked me if I owned the dog, and I said, "no".

When I first saw him, I was surprised that he would want to talk with me, because the park is open until 10 pm and the time when he talked with me was about 7 pm; I was a little concerned about it. The park rangers do good job of patrolling the park. I see them frequently during the week. I appreciate their efforts to provide a safe place for people to walk, run, or whatever while they enjoy the outdoors.

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