Thursday, December 4, 2008

A chain-link fence is going up near the new north-bound segment of the Parkway

About a month ago, as I finished my run, I saw a truck from a fence company in the parking lot. While I was stretching in the tunnel under 9800 South, two men walked through the tunnel going South, and one of the men got in the truck and drove away. I knew then that a farmer was going to fence in his field that borders the new segment of the Jordan River Parkway.

The first part of my run tonight was on the north-bound segment, and I saw new metal fence posts that had been installed along the edge of a pasture that borders the Parkway. On my way back, I saw a truck parked next to the fence posts, and a man was getting out of the truck. I commented to him, "You're working late tonight" (it was dark). I stopped and talked with the man for a couple of minutes. He said he had put the posts up earlier today, and that he would let the concrete harden tomorrow and then put the chain links up on Saturday or Monday. The fence will be on three sides of his pasture, and the total length of the fence will be about half a mile. A nice job for the contractor, and a big cost for the farmer. Chain link fences are ugly in a natural setting, but some of the fence will be shielded from the path by trees and bushes.

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