Monday, December 22, 2008

A great 5-mile run, even with the snow

I knew a snow storm was c0ming today that would leave 3-4 inches of snow, so I got out running as early as I could. However, it started snowing just as I was leaving the house. I ran along 27th West, the city street that I've mentioned before. The sidewalks were covered with fresh snow, and about half an inch fell while I was running. Fresh snow isn't slick, and I had no problem slipping in the snow. There was a 10-15 mph headwind during the first half, but my nylon windbreaker took care of that. When I reached the turn-around point, I was nice and warm, especially since the wind was now a tailwind.

In terms of how much energy it takes, running in snow is harder than running on bare sidewalks or asphalt paths. Today was supposed to be a rest run, but it became a more stressful run due to the snow. But, I enjoyed it and was glad I went out this morning. I followed my usual technique for winter running: smaller steps, a slower pace, and running flat-footed. I wanted to run this morning and again on Wednesday, so I wouldn't need to run on Thursday, Christmas day.

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