Monday, December 29, 2008

I struggled to do 3.5 miles in my run

I had planned to do a 5-mile rest run, but as soon as I started running I knew I didn't have a lot of energy. The first mile was OK, and I took short walking breaks every half mile. The second mile had more walking breaks, and the last 1.5 miles had still more. Part of the problem was that the Jordan River Parkway was covered with half an inch of snow and/or soft ice, and that is like running in sand -- a lot of slippage of my shoes. However, the main problem was that my body was tired. I went slow and enjoyed being outside, even though it was a struggle to finish the run. I've had a couple weeks of good running, and my body needed more rest than it got over the weekend.

The temperature was about 40 (F) during my run. The snow and ice was melting some, but a 5-10 mph wind kept the melting to a minimum. I ran in the late afternoon and made sure I was finished before the sun went down. Once the sun has set, the temperature quickly drops and the path freezes up and becomes slick.

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  1. Listen to your body!! It's telling you it needs rest:)

    Wishing you and your wife a very Happy New Year!!