Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm up to 9 miles!

My wakeup heart rate was 50 this morning, and I felt energetic and ready to run. However, we had snow flurries during the morning and the temperature was 34 (F). So, I decided to wait until the afternoon when it would be warmer. The afternoon came, the snow flurries continued, and the temperature went down to 32. I decided I'd better go running before the path started to ice up.

Since I did a short run on Saturday, I thought I'd do my mid-week this morning and a rest run on Wednesday. I also decided, as I ran, to change my schedule. I would like to reach 10 miles by the end of the year, but I didn't want to take both my mid-week medium run and my weekend long run to 10 miles, so I decided to take my medium to 10 miles in one-mile increments, where it will be capped at that distance, and keep my long run at 8 miles. My increases will still be 1 mile, but that mile will be for one run instead of split between two runs. Then in January I'll bring my long run from 8 miles to 10 miles, giving me a weekly distance of 25 miles. I'll run that distance for a month and then take my long run up to 15 miles in one-mile increments. I should reach that distance by mid-March, and with a month to go for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April, I might be ready to try for a new PB in that race.

So, I added a mile to my run and did 9 miles. It was a nice run, even with the snow flurries that fell during most of the run. I wore three layers and started to sweat a little bit after 2 miles.

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