Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They've started to asphalt a new branch of the trail

A few months ago I mentioned the city was putting in a new trail going from the main trail to a new residential area. The workers finished the grading, road base, and leveling phases of the trail several weeks ago, and I've been waiting for them to put the asphalt on the trail. It's so late in the year that I had decided they would wait until Spring to finish the path. However, when I passed the path today, I saw that it had asphalt, and I could see the workers, truck, roller, etc. working on the trail, about 100 yards from the main trail. I couldn't tell if they were just starting or just finishing. It was dark when I passed the new trail on my way back, and the workers were gone. If I remember to bring my GPS during my next run, I'll check out the new path. I need the GPS because I'll be running a modified route, and I'll use the GPS to tell me when I've run 8 miles.

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