Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Up goes the distance -- to 10 miles

My wakeup heart rate was 53 this morning; slightly high but not bad. The temperature was 27 (F) when I left home and 29 when I returned. Rather than run the Jordan River Parkway that likely was snow covered, I ran 27th West for 5 miles out and 5 miles back.

The sidewalk was snow covered, and I ran in the street because it was dry asphalt. Except for a half-mile stretch, the street has wide shoulders that were clear of snow, and I had no problems with drivers. While I was on the half-mile stretch without shoulders, I had to run along the white line marking the edge of the driving lane, and the drivers were all courteous and moved over to the center line while passing me. While going out there was a 10-12 mph head wind, but the wind died down on the way back with just occasional gusts.

It was a nice day for running, and I had a great run. Ten miles will be my cap for my medium run. My next goal will be to extend my long run to 15 miles from its present 8 miles. I will, hopefully, reach 13 miles by the end of March, and if I think I have a good chance to PB the Salt Lake City half marathon in mid April, I will level off the long run at 13 miles until after the race and then continue up to 15 miles. To avoid overdoing my training, I am increasing my distance only twice per month. When I was younger I could increase my distance every week, but being older I have to make the changes less often.

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