Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A very nice 5-mile rest run on a sunny day

Our snow flurries are over for a couple of days. I went running about noontime, and the sky was sunny but still cool. I ran a comfortable pace and enjoyed being outdoors on a beautiful winter day. It felt good to get my body warmed up from running. The Jordan River Parkway path was in good shape. There were a few places with ice, but most of the path was bare asphalt.

I was passed by a group of about 20 runners who were all wearing the same running clothes, and I decided they were from the Police Academy. I had already finished the 1.5 mile round trip on the new north segment of the path when the police recruits began their 5-mile PT run. They passed me as we went south and caught up with me again on the way back, and I finished a few minutes behind them (actually I finished with a few of the stragglers). I chatted for a few minutes with one of the recruits. He is from Boston, and I told him I lived back there for 17 years.

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