Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blood clots, blood clots :(

It took the ER nurses, technicians, and doctor 7 hours to check me out. The conclusion was that I had several blood clots in my legs. The CAT scan didn't show any clots in my lungs, but the ER doctor felt that I probably had some small ones that were causing me get tired after just a few seconds of activity.

I left the ER and went to a regular room, where the doctor and nurses and techs there tried to figure out why I had the clots. They asked if I had recently been on long (5-7 hours) airplane flights in which I wasn't moving around. Nope. I did tell them that I would spend several hours at my computer without moving around. I was put on Coumidan and was told I would probably have to stay on it for the rest of my life since these clots were a relapse from my having clots four years ago after an auto accident on April 19, 2004. I'm taking Coumidan once a day, and I'm getting Lovenox shots twice a day.

I didn't get any sleep Friday night, and I spent most of Saturday taking short naps. I got more sleep Saturday night, but still not my normal 7 hours.

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