Thursday, January 8, 2009

I ran 10 miles again, along the Jordan River Parkway

My wakeup heart rate was 52 yesterday and today. Even though my heart rate was down yesterday, I felt tired during the day, and I was glad I'd decided to not run yesterday. I felt pretty good today, and my legs felt fine for the first 7 miles. During the eighth mile, my right leg was tired, and I took extra walking breaks. During the last two miles, that leg felt better. In fact, during the last mile, I felt strong and ran a consistent pace like I had run during the first few miles.

The temperature during the run was in the low 40s (F), and there was a lot of water from melting snow running over the path. I waited until early afternoon to start my run to give the sun more time to melt snow and ice, but I made sure I would be finished before the sun set and the path iced up. There was a 5-7 mph headwind going out and a tailwind coming back.

As I ran down a residential street that acts as a detour for a portion of the Parkway path that isn't finished, I passed two kids walking home from school. One of them gave me a thumbs-up and said, "You're doing great!" I smiled and waved at them. A minute later I passed a man getting into his car. He smiled and said I should turn around so I would have the wind at my back. I smiled back and said that I would be turning around in a short time and had to go back to 98th South (he was at 119th South, approximately).

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