Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The mother of all hydrogenated bodies for running

All runners know the importance of drinking sufficient water to keep ones body hydrogenated. Well, I must have the world's greatest body, because I'm very well hydrogenated -- over a gallon of water in each leg! I start therapy on Thursday for the swelling in my feet and legs.


  1. Came across your blog thanks to Google (Hail the almighty Google!). I just recently started walking on a daily basis, now on my fourth week. For some reason I'm really sticking with it this time. I just want to make sure I don't overdo it and give up as a result of that this time. I plan to walk for life!

    Anyways, I've bookmarked your blog and your injury free site and plan to come back frequently! I'm especially excited to see you're LDS, too!

    Anyways, really sorry about your recent problems with your legs. I hope you'll be able to overcome them quickly and get back on your feet, literally!

  2. I wonder with that much water in each leg would qualify you for "walking on water?"

  3. I'm not sure, Bruce, about walking on water, but I should be able to do swimming as cross training at the same time I'm running.

    Thanks, Herb, for the best wishes. Walking is a lot safer on your body than running and a great way to exercise.

  4. Raul Duke2/07/2009

    I surely hope you're not actually hydrogenated. I really think you mean "hydrated".

    Hydrogenation is the chemical reaction that results in addition of hydrogen (H2). If this IS the case, you're probably the first and thus some unique beast.. one of God's own. Be careful with the matches...

    Either way - best of luck to you.

  5. Ha ha ha. You're right, Raul; thanks for pointing that out. If I really were hydrogenated, I might have a new career in movies, TV, and comics as a new action figure.