Monday, January 5, 2009

My wakeup heart rate went off the chart

I don't know why, but my wakeup heart rate was 59 this morning. I've been sleeping well, so a lack of sleep wasn't the problem. It could be the stress from my 10 and 8 mile runs last week. Because of my older age, I need more time to recover from a long run. What ever the reason, something is causing my heart to beat 20% faster than it usually does. I'm taking today as a rest day. If my heart rate is down in the low 50s tomorrow, I'll do my weekly 5-mile run. If it is still high, I'll take another rest day tomorrow.

Our night time temperatures have been in the single digits this week, and our mid-day maximums have been in the mid 20s (F). We've had an inch or two of snow each day and another inch or so each night. The daytime temps should go up to the 40s this week, with the night temps in the 20s. Also, the snow is supposed to stop, but some rain showers are forecast for Thursday. The warmer temps will help melt some of the ice and snow that are everywhere. I'd like to run the Jordan River Parkway instead of 27th West. The parkway should be plowed, but there will be some ice on the trail. I'll take my ice cleats with me if I go running tomorrow.

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