Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some progress in my leg and some not-so-good-conditions

I usually get up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. I drink water just before I go to bed, and each time I get up I drink more water. I discovered last evening that the problem was with my right buttock not my hamstring. Before going to bed, I did my buttock stretches, and I could tell the stretch of my right buttock was centered on the muscle having the problem. Each time I got up during the night, I did the buttock stretches. The first time during the night that I did the stretches, my right leg was still sore, but the leg was not sore during subsequent stretches or throughout today. This was a good improvement.

I am now free of the problem in my right leg that caused me to abort my run yesterday, but the stiffness in both legs and low energy that I mentioned yesterday is still there when I walk a few feet or more. Also, when I walk I sweat profusely as if I were in a steam room. I took my temperature, and it was 91.5 (F), and I said to self, "I'm dead!" I tried it again and left the thermometer in my mouth for about 5 minutes, and the reading was 94.1 My normal temperature is 96-97. I decided I probably need a new battery for the thermometer. I don't feel like I have a temperature. Again, I can sit or lie in bed for hours with no problems, but as soon as I walk I have the symptoms that I've mentioned. Climbing stairs is still a problem, too.

I'm stretching my hams and quads and calves during the day to see if that helps with the stiffness in my legs.

I took my blood pressure about an hour before I went to bed, and it was normal (115/69). Dr. Gabe Mirkin says the best time to take blood pressure is in the evening, because the BP should go down in the evening, and if it doesn't go down, that is a good indication of a circulation problem.

Very, very strange! But, at least the buttock problem is gone. I was worried that I might have injured a muscle, and I was relieved to learn that it was only a stressed muscle.

Later: When I went upstairs to go to bed, I found out that I can climb the stairs OK. That is a good sign.

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