Monday, March 23, 2009

A great 1.5 mile walk/run

Even though it was snowing, I had a good walk with small amounts of jogging mixed in. I went on the north path of the parkway again. I think I jogged about 800 feet, not quite 10% of the distance. I walked for a couple of minutes and then jogged about 100 feet, repeating that sequence four times going out and four times coming back. I could tell that 100 feet of jogging was enough, because my legs started getting tired after that short distance. I wanted to experiment with jogging without taxing my body very much. I've felt fine since returning home, so it was a good activity for the day.

The temperature is in the high 30s (F). We had about 3 inches of fluffy snow during the night and a light snowfall during the day. Because the air and ground temperatures are above freezing, the snow is melting on the Parkway path and on the streets, although it is collecting on the ground elsewhere.

I haven't done any stretching since my clot-attack in January, and my leg muscles are weak. I'll start stretching to build up the muscles. This was my first jogging/running since the clot-attack.

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