Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two more 0.65 mile walks

On Monday and Tuesday I walked the 0.65 mile loop. I felt fine after the walk on Monday (by myself), but I was tired during and after the loop on Tuesday (with my wife). Today is the first time I've worn the special compression socks that go up to my groin. It is nice to not have the four pounds of bandages and foam wrapped around my legs. I haven't received the socks for night-time use yet, so I may have to have my legs wrapped while I'm sleeping. However, the therapist said that if my legs don't swell, I can get by with just the Tubagrip compression socks. Once the special night-time socks arrive, I'll wear them while I sleep. I have to wear the special socks for two years to keep any swelling down. It takes that long for my veins to heal from the blood clots.


  1. Allen, I just read your posts from December on. Thank you for sharing your journey. Peace be with you as you move forward through your present situation.

    Maybe you remember, I'm a North Dakotan who took up running about three years ago and you (via your podcasts) were my "guru" while I was learning the basics. I just turned 47 and I am now thinner and stronger than I was since I was a teenager. My kids are healthier too. One of my daughters is taking up running seriously now. Last fall I actually taught a college class called "Running and Walking for Health" and used a lot of your principles in it. I have been posting various things about running on my Facebook page and getting a lot of positive response from other people who are encouraged by it.

    If you do Facebook, I'd love to have you as one of my friends. I was skeptical for years about it but I signed up last fall and it's been a blessing.

    I am fortunate to have found you on the internet. Many blessings, today and to come. Ken Smith

  2. Allen, God can completely heal, although sometimes we still have to face things in this life. The word of God says that (God's ways are much higher than Ours). I know for sure that's true, and don't understand everything he does. I do know that prayer works, and I will say one for you when I pray. I will also say one for your wife and family because when we go through something it always affects those that truely love us too. Since the first time I went to and read many things you had to say,, "you've always inspired me to run". Now I'm finally back, bitten by the ole running bug again, and it's God, family, and friends that keeps me going. God Bless, and I hope you have a great day.

  3. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for sharing your recent experiences with us. It's nice that you've had opportunities to teach others how to run safely.

    I do have a Facebook account, but I don't use it. However, we can be friends in other ways as we both grow in our running.

  4. Jimmy,

    Thanks for sharing your testimony here and at You have a good streak going, and I enjoy your enthusiasm about running.